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Vape Tanks – Fundamental Vape Gear

Vape tanks are a fundamental piece of vape gear. Fortunately, there are vape tanks that don’t spill – we’ve assembled a rundown of the best non-spilling vape tank alternatives for anybody hoping to get into vaping.

Cartomizer, Clearomizer, or Glassomizer? 

While every one of these alternatives has numerous similarities, some factors make each of them unique. In particular: 

  • cartomizer is a tank that includes cotton or polyester fiberfill inside the tank to vaporize the e-liquid. They are attached to the end of a battery and together resemble a cigarette. They come pre-filled, but you can also find refillable ones on the market. Using them is a pretty straightforward process; you simply press the power button and begin inhaling. 
  • clearomizer is a transparent tank – mostly made of plastic – that comes packed with a built-in atomizer. These are generally refillable and their built-in atomizer is replaceable. 
  • glassomizer is, for the most part, equivalent to a cartomizer. However, the tank is made of Pyrex glass and not plastic. In contrast to plastic, Pyrex glass will last longer due to its resistance to erosion. Glassomizers offer richer flavorful hits but are relatively costlier. 

Pre-Built versus Custom Coil Builds 

While many people prefer making their own coils as its cheaper and more customizable, there are many vape brands out there that offer pre-built coils for their tanks.

It simplifies the entire ordeal as you have to simply remove the worn-out coil and replace it with a new one.

However, some experienced vapers like to take the DIY approach and make their own coils, favoring a vape tank with a rebuildable deck. 

Advanced personal vaporizer or e-cigarette, close up
  • Resistance: Most of the tanks come with replaceable coils that operate at varying resistance levels. Each is suited for different things. A higher resistance coil – greater than 1 ohm – tends to have smaller holes suitable for higher-PG vape juices. Whereas using the same coil for high VG e-liquids would clog up the coil a lot more rapidly. As high VG liquid vaporizes at higher temperatures, it could cause your coil to malfunction. Thus, as a rule of thumb, you must use low resistance coils for high VG e-liquids and high resistance coils for vape juices with greater PG levels. 
  • Air Flow: is a critical factor when picking the best vape tank. The amount of air your vape tank allows can change your vape experience altogether—some lean towards a tighter airflow that mimics the experience of smoking a cigarette. In contrast, others prefer that smooth hit which is accompanied by increased levels of airflow. While less airflow implies more warmth, greater airflow – on the other hand, improves your overall vaping experience. 

Why is my Vape Tank Leaking? 

Before we jump headfirst into the best airtight vape tanks, how about we dwell into the reasons why your present tank may be spilling: 

  • Dribble Tip After vaping for a drawn-out period, you might see E-Liquid and buildup gathering around the drib tip; this is normal and will often end up getting vape juice in your mouth. Simply removing the drip tip and giving it a quick wipe will fix the problem.
  • Broken Gaskets – If you discover a break in your tank, check the O-rings and gasket to ensure there are no openings or harm. On the off chance that you don’t see any cracks or openings on the gaskets or O-rings, it could be a good idea to look behind them. Make sure that they’re not coming from a break inside the actual tank. It is a simple case of regular wear ‘n’ tear and can occur after some time. On the off chance that you see harmed O-rings or any damage on a new tank, then you may contact the seller. Most tanks will come with spare O-rings and instructions for replacing them correctly. 
  • Not Enough Cotton –If you’re using an RTA and building your own coils, then you must know getting the loops right can be testing. Too much wick, and you might end up with a dry, flavorless vape. Similarly, if the cotton wick is too small, you will get spilling issues with juice streaming out of the airflow. Some RTAs are trickier than others in terms of wicks. Others may have a top airflow, so they are practically difficult to spill. That is the reason we’ve incorporated the absolute best airtight RTAs in our rundown beneath. 
  • Kind of E-Liquid –The blend or proportion of VG to PG in your e-liquid may similarly influence why your vape tank is spilling. VG is a thicker fluid than PG. So, you might realize that by vaping a high VG juice, your tank does not spill. However, assuming you change to a lower VG juice (higher PG content), the juice overall has less viscosity and easily leaks through the holes in the wick. If you’re vaping liquid with a high PG content, a thicker wick is a must.
  • Broken glass – This is the most effortless issue to spot. You could take one glance at the tank and see where the vape juice is leaking from. The tiniest drop could make a hairline break in the glass tank, which could be difficult to see yet be enough to spill the juice. Again, it’s a straightforward fix. You simply need to follow the manufacturers’ directions for changing the glass tube and use the replacement unit you may have gotten with the device. 

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