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Horizon Falcon Legend Tank

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The Horizon Falcon Legend Tank is a popular vaping tank known for its excellent performance and durability. Here is a product description and specifications for the Horizon Falcon Legend Tank:

Product Description: The Horizon Falcon Legend Tank is a high-quality sub-ohm tank designed for vapers who seek exceptional flavor and vapor production. It features a sturdy construction with a 5ml e-liquid capacity (expandable to 7ml with bubble glass) to provide an extended vaping experience without frequent refills. The tank incorporates top-fill functionality, making it convenient and mess-free to refill your e-liquid. It also utilizes a unique coil system, including the Falcon Coil Series, known for their exceptional flavor reproduction and longevity.

The Horizon Falcon Legend Tank is a reliable and versatile choice for vapers who prioritize both flavor and vapor production. Its durable construction, ample e-liquid capacity, and compatibility with Falcon Coil Series make it a popular option among vaping enthusiasts.



  • Tank Capacity: 5ml (expandable to 7ml with bubble glass)
  • Diameter: 25.4mm
  • Construction: Stainless Steel and Resin
  • Coil Compatibility: Falcon Coil Series
  • Top-Fill Design: Convenient and mess-free refills
  • Adjustable Airflow Control: Allows customization of airflow for desired vaping experience
  • Drip Tip: Wide bore resin drip tip for comfortable vaping
  • Colors: Blue, Black, Rainbow, Gunmetal

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Black, Blue, Gunmetal, Rainbow