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Vape Coils – Vape Essentials Guide

What are Vape Coils made of?

Outer Casing: The outer casing or the main body of a vape coil is used to house the individual components of a vape pod or a tank. This outer casing attaches directly onto the tank’s base while also providing the electrical charge to power up the device.

Wire: The most widely used wires in coils are made up of Kanthal. It is an alloy made of three unique metals that help improve the power consumption of your vape device. Nichrome is a close second and is made of two different metals. It’s relatively slenderer, so it warms up rapidly and can be found in many sub-ohm atomizers. 

Different metals are used to make a vape coil wire, but Stainless Steel, Nickel, and Titanium are the most commonly used. 

Some Kanthal coils come encased within a porous ceramic block, which works as both a wick and a safety feature. Nonetheless, while these coils guarantee a more fulfilling draw and a rich flavorful hit, we wouldn’t suggest them. Some people have reported bits of ceramic breaking off and harming their lungs. 

Wicking Material: The most well-known material utilized in vape coils is cotton, specifically natural Japanese cotton. Be that as it may, some coils also use silica rope, stainless steel mesh, or rayon. This is primarily up to your personal preference.

Types of Vape Coils

Low-Resistance Vape Coils High-Resistance Vape Coils 
Create more warmth 
Create more fume 
Deliver a weaker taste 
The vapor is hotter 
E-liquid is used all the more rapidly 
Battery life is depleted all the more rapidly 
Coils have a decreased life span 
Create less warmth 
Create less fume 
Deliver a rich taste 
The vapor is cooler 
E-liquid is used less rapidly 
Battery life is depleted less rapidly 
Coils last for a longer time
Difference between Low-Resistance Vape Coils and High-Resistance Vape Coils

How to find the right vape coil?

This is mainly dependent on the kind of vape device you have. Most tanks or coils are compatible with a certain type of pod/mod. On the off chance that you purchased a starter vape kit, then the device must have come with two pods. 

Some devices are compatible with both DTL and MTL styles of vaping. They, too, come with two coils, each with a higher and a lower resistance level. These can be used in accordance with your favored vaping style. You can find the resistance level written in Ohms on your replacement pods. 

Vape pod system or pod mod with replaceable cartridges close up – small size devices for inhaling higher nicotine strengths.

E-Liquids to avoid for coils

Sweet e-liquids and fruity flavors are your coil’s worst enemy. While they are fun and heavenly, they do have some major disadvantages. The processed sweeteners in the e-liquids gunk up inside the vape tank and around the coil. Over time, this gunk begins to accumulate around your tank resulting in poor wicking and a burnt taste. 

If you’re vaping a particular e-fluid and discover you need to change the coils a lot, you may have to look for another flavor. You could go for a similar flavor from an alternate brand or a less sweet flavor altogether.

How do I know when my coil needs changing?

There are a couple of ways that you can tell your coil needs to change. 

1. At the point when it Tastes Burnt 

A burnt taste is the simplest and most unmistakable sign that your coil should be changed. When an unpleasant taste overwhelms the usual taste of your e-liquid, it’s a clear indicator for getting another coil. 

2. Your Vape Tank is Leaky 

While most coils have a built-in feature that prevents leakage, but if you find yourself using a vape tank that’s leaking all around your pocket, then it’s high time you get a new one. 

When the wicking material becomes overused, it fails to retain your vape juice. In any case, if your device begins spilling, you should act quickly. On the off chance that the e-liquid gets to the battery, it could cause your vape to malfunction. 

3. Sputtering or Bubbling Sound 

Sputtering is okay when you are boiling water to make some tea. However, there is nothing inspiring about hearing your vape murmur. However, this sputtering can also be the aftereffect of chain-vaping or a clear indication that a coil needs to go. 

4. Weak Flavor Profile 

A frail flavor is another good sign that you’ve utterly destroyed a coil. On the off chance that you’ve topped off your tanks or vape pods with your most favorite e-liquid yet, it still tastes off! It very well may be an ideal opportunity to change the coil. 

5. Weak Vapor Production 

This may be more relatable for cloud chasers using sub-ohm tanks. So, if your vapor production has dropped, it may very well be because the coil has reached the end of the line and needs to be changed. 


Vapers know it’s the ideal time to get another coil when their vape doesn’t function as it’s supposed to. But understand these coils are disposable and have a set life span. When you realize that your beloved coil has reached its limit, simply get rid of it and get a new one from your local vape shop.

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