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Vape Accessories – All in One Guide

Your vaping experience, much like anything else, is a lot more pleasurable and convenient when you have the right kit and proper tools. There are several vape accessories that are essential for every vaper out there. 

Make sure that you get top-notch accessories from reputable brands. Doing so will take your vaping experience to another level. 

Vape Batteries and Chargers

If you have a vape pen, e-cig, or a vape pod system, you will easily be able to charge it up via a USB cable. There is absolutely no need to buy any batteries with these devices, and the charger comes with the kit. 

With a majority of box mods, however, you have to buy a separate battery. These vape batteries are meant to heat up the coil that vaporizes your vape juice. 

A reliable vape battery is pivotal for enhancing your vaping experience altogether, which is why you should always buy premium, long-lasting batteries. 

You will also need a vape battery charger for these. Typically, these chargers can power up multiple batteries simultaneously. It could be a good idea for you to buy a few batteries and charge them up all at once. This can help deliver a seamless vaping experience. 

Vape Coils

All e-cigarettes operate by using coils, and they need to be replaced every couple of weeks, depending on your usage.

If you are using a pod system that has replaceable pods, then the coil is typically a part of these replacement pods. So, you don’t have to buy separate coils for them. However, if you are buying vape coils, make sure they are compatible with the device you are using.

Vape Tank Glass

Spare Vape Tank Glasses are an excellent accessory to have in case you break yours. 

Let’s say you drop your vape or the tank breaks in your bag; it’s nice to have a replacement glass vape tank ready in such situations. It can save you an unwanted trip to the local vape shop and offer a quick fix for your trouble. 

Vape Tools and Vape Cotton

Now, this is for people who like taking the DIY route and making their own coils. For making your coil-building process more straightforward and easy, a set of tools is absolutely necessary. 

Even if you aren’t building your own coils, a vape tool kit can be super handy for dealing with various issues that may arise with your everyday vape pod or box mod. 

Nevertheless, if you are, in fact, making your own coils, you need COTTON and a lot of it. It threads around the coil and acts as a wicking material that absorbs your vape juice. The coil then heats it up to produce vapor. However, if you aren’t making your coils, then you don’t need any cotton whatsoever.

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