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Kratom Powder – Most Convenient Product

Derived from the leaves of the Kratom tree, Kratom powder is native to Southeast Asian countries. Fresh Kratom leaves are traditionally chewed or brewed into tea. However, with rising popularity in the west, especially in the US, Kratom Powder has gained widespread fame for its convenience. Kratom effects are dose-dependent and can vary based on the amount you consume.

Kratom Powder Effects:

Kratom or Kratom powder, in this case, has stimulating effects when taken in small quantities.. At lower doses, the effects may include:

  • Improved mood
  • Reduced appetite
  • Decreased stress & anxiety
  • Pain alleviation

Many people have reportedly become common to substitute Kratom for caffeine and nicotine to get that morning wake-me-up.

The severity or the duration of Kratom powder effects depends on the strain it is made of. For instance, Kratom Powder made from Red Bali Kratom would naturally be really strong and potent. In contrast, yellow vein Kratom strains would make for Kratom powder that would be relatively less potent.

How to Ingest Kratom Powder?

As Kratom Powder is essentially made from leaves of the Kratom tree, there are many different ways you could consume it. Although Kratom is consumed by chewing on the leaves or smoking them, most people who buy Kratom get it in powdered form. The powder can be stirred into any drink of your choice. Many people prefer mixing it into citric juices as the citrus components activate Kratom Powder’s ingredients. This helps in it taking effect relatively faster.

Another common way of ingesting it is known as ‘toss & wash.’ In this way, you can take a spoon full of powder, toss it into your mouth and wash it down with some water or orange juice. This way may be a little intense for beginners as Kratom can taste quite bitter. Therefore, it is generally a good idea to mix it with something to mask the taste.

The most famous way of ingesting Kratom Powder or Kratom, in general, is making tea.

With tea, however, you can experience the euphoric and mood-lifting effects of the Kratom.

How much Kratom Powder to take:

Generally speaking, the proper dosage varies from person to person. According to reports, 1 to 3 grams are for mild to moderate effects. Whereas 5 grams can produce strong effects, and anything above 10 grams may have powerful effects. High dosages are only for people who have experience with Kratom use.

Interestingly, you may expect the sedating effects with a dosage of 5 grams and above. However, it would be best to stick to a dosage between 1 to 5 grams for the stimulating effects.

Remember to do your research. Read up on the different Kratom strains, quality & forms, and trust reputable sellers when buying.

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