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[woo_category_slider id='26498'] What are CBD Topicals? CBD products not only have garnered widespread attention but have become readily available of late. Like other forms of CBD products, topicals have cannabidiol or CBD as the active ingredient. CBD topicals also have different types, such as CBD creams for pain, balms, gels, lotions, and more. Technically speaking, CBD oils qualify for topicals also as they can be used similarly. Topicals also come in different sizes, price ranges, and strength levels. You may want to do a little homework on your end to get better acquainted with the types of products available. From chapped lips, itchy back, sunburns to an aching back, it may seem like a miracle cure for all. But generally speaking, CBD topicals are mainly used for inflammation and managing pain. To help you understand CBD topicals better, we have compiled only the most relevant information that may help you in choosing the right topical. How do they work? CBD topicals get the job done by penetrating the skin and providing targeted relief. This way, the CBD never enters the bloodstream. As for the science of it all, CBD works by binding itself to the cannabinoid receptors in the body that make up the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS is a nexus of neural receptors found throughout our bodies that regulate many of our bodily functions. So, in essence, CBD topicals work by interacting with the ECS and binding themselves to the endocannabinoid receptors in our body. What are topicals used for? While the market is filled to the brim with CBD products that claim to address a whole range of health issues, CBD topicals, however, are reportedly being used for treating pain and skin issues that may include: DermatitisEczemaPsoriasisJoint or muscle painMigraines & headachesArthritisMenstrual crampFoot or hand pain Similarly, different topicals may be used for different issues that you may be facing. Mostly it is up to the user's own preference. However, the consistency and viscosity of the CBD topical also make a huge difference. For example, creams naturally have a thicker texture and may be more beneficial for people with dry skin. Primarily because the skin may absorb them faster, making them ideal for muscle pain. Salves, on the other hand, consist of oil & wax and are also not water-based. This makes the process of absorption a tad longer. It may require a little trial 'n' error on your end to determine which product is the right fit for you. How to use CBD topicals? Using these topicals is a relatively easy task. Apply the CBD topical of your choice on the affected area and wait for it to get absorbed by your skin. However, it is recommended that you use a small amount on your arm or other easily accessible parts of your body. This way, it is easy for you to find out if you may be allergic to some ingredient in the product of your choice. As far as the right amount or dosage is concerned, start low and gradually increase your intake to find the right balance that works for you. Summary: If it's pain alleviation you are looking for, you should try looking into a CBD cream for pain. These products are explicitly designed to manage pain and even muscle inflammation & joint aches. And if it's skin moisturizers with the added benefits of CBD that rock your boat, you should definitely look into CBD lotions. Nonetheless, not all of the CBD topicals available in the market are manufactured the same way. When looking to purchase, make sure you research the product and brand you are looking to buy. It is highly crucial to only buy products from reputable brands that provide third-party testing for all their products. Moreover, look for products that are made using US-grown hemp. It’s also recommended that the CBD topical you are using is made with all-natural ingredients. To avoid a cumbersome experience, go for topicals that have a quick-drying formula. The last thing you need is greasy residue on your skin and clothes. Shop CBD Products From your nearest Artisan Vapor & CBD Stores Shop CBD Store Locator Find the Nearest Artisan Vapor & CBD Store to buy the product you need Active Filter: Get my Position Find in Store No Stores found ... try again! MapTerrainSatelliteLabelsKeyboard shortcutsMap DataMap data ©2021Terms of UseReport a map errorMap data ©2021 Search in this Area × CBD Topicals – Self Care Miracle